Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2022



Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2022

悦享艺术 纵享生活



March 17-20,2022


Shanghai World Expo exhibition & convention center


指导单位 Guidance by


Gems & Jade Trade Association Of Shanghai


Shenzhen Jewelry Industry Service Co., LTD

协办单位 Co-hosted by


Taiwan gem association

统筹及策划 Organizer by


Zhongyu Exhibition (Shanghai) Co.. Ltd



本届展会预计将吸引超过800+参展商,展位数目可达1,200个,规模盛大,面积超过20,000平方米!展会汇聚各国优秀的珠宝商参展,分别来自香港、中国、台湾、日本、韩国、泰国、印度、中东以至欧美等公司,销售优质而超值的珠宝首饰及原材料。与此同时,展会组织来自江苏、浙江等「申城外买家团」,协助业者开拓整个华东市场,缔造商机。2022展会将各个展区整合在Hall 4,单一层次方便买家浏览整个展会;配合丰厚的现场礼品活动,吸引逾20,000+业内买家及公众人士,搜罗优质实惠的珠宝首饰。

2022 Shanghai International Jewelry Exhibition (spring exhibition) Is guided by Shanghai precious Jade industry association and Zhongyu Exhibition (Shanghai)Ltd. plans and co-ordinates, actively expands the extiibition, attracts potential exhibitors from all over the world, and creates a place in East ChinaThe districts annual major jewelry event. All kinds of jewelry materials in the exhibition are dearly divided to provide services for buyers in the industry and the publicA convenient and easy one-stop procurement platform creates a procurement opportunity with wider coverage.The exhibition is expected to attract more than 800 + exhibitors, with 1200 booths, a grand scale and an area of more than20000 square metera! The exhibition will bring together excel lent jewel lers from different countries, from Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.Companies in China, Thailand, India, the Middle East and even Europe and America sell high-quality and value-added Jewelry and raw materials, meanwhllejhe exhlbttlon organized "buyer groups outside Shencheng" from Jiangsu and Zhejiang to help operators explore the whole East China market and create business opportunrties.2022 exhibition integrates all exhibition areas in hall 4. and a single level is convenient for buyers to browse the whole exhibition; With rich on-site grftsThe event has attracted more than 20000 industry buyers and ihe public to collect high-quality and affordable jewelry.



The largest jewelry exhibition platform in spring in East China helps exhibitors establish contacts with different buyers and explore business opportunities.ThG number of exhibitors and booths is large, and the types of exhibite are diversified to meet the needs of the wholesale and retail markets. At the beginning of the new year, buyers are eager to supplement the supply of goods, provide a good opportunity to improve sales at the beginning of the year, and formulate sales strategies.Widely publicize locally and In Jiangsu and Zhejiang to develop potential markets and attract high-quality buyers.


1、 钻石及宝石:裸钻、红/蓝宝、翡翠、水晶、 碧玺、猫眼等

2、 珠宝首饰:白金首饰、钳金首饰、K金、钯金首饰、钻石首饰、黄金首饰、珊瑚配饰;珍珠饰品、银饰等

3、 珍珠及珊瑚:淡水珍珠、海水珍珠、养殖珍珠、红珊瑚、琥珀

4、 玉石类:黄龙玉、和田玉、岫岩玉、独山玉、 鸡血红碧玉、青田石、昌化石、巴林石、寿山石等

5、 黄金制品:金条、金币、金表及干足金工艺 品等

6、 设备及仪器:珠宝首饰加工设备、首饰工具、 检测设备、清洗设备、软件、首饰除列及包装用品等

1. Diamonds and Gemstones: naked diamonds, red / blue gems, jadeite, crystal, tourmaline, cat's eye, etc

2. Jewelry: platinum jewelry, platinum jewelry, K gold, palladium jewelry, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, coral accessories; pearl jewelry, silver jewelry, etc

3. Pearls and corals: freshwater pearls, seawater pearls, cultured pearls, red coral, amber

4. Jade: Huanglong jade, Hetian jade, Xiuyan Jade, Dushan jade, Jixue Red Jasper, Qingtian stone, Changshi fossil, Balin Stone, Shoushan stone, etc

5. Gold products: gold bars, gold coins, gold watches, thousands of gold crafts, etc

6. Equipment and instruments: jewelry processing equipment, jewelrytools, testing equipment, cleaning equipment, software, jewelry display and packaging supplies, etc



A:国内企业 1 6000.00/展期(RMB) 3mx3m

B:国外企业 2200.00/展期(USD) 3mx3m

每个标准展位包括(包括:三面白色壁板、中(英)文楣牌制作、铝合金洽谈桌一张、折椅二张、地毯满铺、展位照 明、220V/1电源插座一个、废纸篓一个。)





• International Standard Booth:

For domestic enterprises: RMB 16000/Expo, 3m*3m For overseas enterprise: USD 2200/Expo, 3m*3m

Each standard booth consists of 3-sided white wall boards, Chinese& English fascia board, 1 consultation desk, 2 folding chairs, fully-floored carpet, booth lighting system, 1 power socket 220V/5A, and a waste basket.

Note: Standard booths with 2 facades are booked for two.

• Indoor Raw Space:

For domestic enterprises: RMB 1600/Sq.m. For overseas enterprises: USD 220/sq.m.

Note: The raw space(minimum 36 sq.m.) only supplies a show space excluding power supply; lights, carpet, and other things. Co-organizers will be specially set up for this exhibition. Please contact the organizing committee for more information.


• 按要求填好”参展回执表”并传真至展会主办单位。

• 参展的所有费用分两种方式支付:一期支付即合同签署或展位确认后3天内支付所有费用;两期支付即合同签署 或展位确认后三天内支付总金额的全款的50%,余额在展览会开幕前30天付清。

• 在确认展台后,主办单位将向参展公司寄发《参展商手册》,手册包括展馆介绍、展品运输、展台设计搭建、住 宿安排、物品租用等有关信息。参展商必须按要求填好手册中的有关表格,并于截止日期前交回主办单位。

• 展位分配按”先预订交费,后落实确认"的原则。

• Fill in the "Application Form" and fax it to the organizer committee.

• Booth fees for exhibitions can be paid in two ways: the first phase of the payment is to pay all fees within 3 days after the contract is signed or the booth is confirmed, the second phase payment is to pay 50% of the total payment within three days after the contract is signed or the booth is confirmed, and the balance is paid 30 days before the exhibition opens.

• After confirming the booth, the organizer will issue the "Exhibitor Manual" to exhibitors, which includes the information about the transportation of exhibits, the design and construction of the exhibition stand, the arrangement of travel and accommodation, and the rental of articles. Exhibitors must fill in the relevant forms in the manual as required and mail to the organizer committee before the deadline.

• The principle of booth allocation is " first book and pay, then confirm".




To reserve the booth of Procurement Fair of SJF 2022 or learn more information, please contact:

Add: Room 306-17, No.2330, Jingao Road, 201206, Shanghai, RR.China


电话/Tel: (86-21) 5835-2298

传真/Fax: (86-21) 5835-2298



Shanghai International Jewelry Fair 2022

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  • 2022年3月17-20日

  • 上海上海世博展览馆

  • 中禹展览(上海)有限公司




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